Welcome to Undiscovered Kitchens!

This blog is my journey into undiscovered kitchens, typically in countries and areas off the beaten path. You’ll find tempting and unique recipes, view the world through my lens, and learn about hardships and triumphs from women sharing their stories in their own kitchens. I have been welcomed with warm smiles and open arms into kitchens that span the globe, and I’ve discovered one universal similarity among all the women; there is always room at the table.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Moldova I quickly integrated into the culture through learning the Moldovan language, teaching health and nutrition classes to school children, cooking and baking with village women, and recording their personal stories. Photographing these facets of Moldovan village life planted the seed for this blog. I am a passionate believer in the power of global awareness, and I’m committed to forming cross-cultural connections by sharing inspiring narratives, robustly flavorful recipes, and thoughtfully composed photographs.

I hope you find a seat at the table that keeps you coming back for more. xoxo.

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